We present to you....the top 3 winners for 2014! Each will open for the headliners at WE Fest.

  1. Nina Bullinger - Minneapolis, MN, will perform before Zac Brown Band Saturday night. Represented Rail Station Bar, Minneapolis, MN
  2. Brandy Brydon - Hallock, MN, will perform before Brad Paisley Friday night. Represented Shorewood Pub, Detroit Lakes, MN
  3. Ashley Halvorson - Bagley, MN, will perform before Jason Aldean Thurday night. Represented Fosston American Legion, Fosston, MN

The final round positions 4-10, in order

  1. Ian Hoffarth Albany, MN. Represented DB Searle’s, St. Cloud, MN
  2. Mark Frandsen Big Lake, MN. Represented T-Buckets, Somerset, WI
  3. Shermo Lee- Curry Minneapolis, MN. Represented Rail Station Bar, Minneapolis, MN
  4. Kaila Tingle Aurora, SD. Represented Shorewood Pub, Detroit Lakes, MN
  5. Jeffrey Willis Bemidji, MN. Represented Eagles Club, Bemidji, MN
  6. Amanda Stommes Bloomington, MN. Represented Rail Station Bar, Minneapolis, MN
  7. Danna Anderson Duluth, MN. Represented Powerhouse Bar, Proctor, MN
Final round positions 11-30, in order
  1. Tara Valerius Big Lake, MN
  2. Neal Clark Alexander, ND
  3. Tiffany Hudson Ramsey, MN
  4. Sierra Day Sleepy Eye, MN
  5. Alicia Brown Minot, ND
  6. Kelly Dauwen Richardton, ND
  7. Jenae Perry Mankato, MN
  8. Donovan Womack Minot, ND
  9. Mark Fitz Simmons Eagle Lake, MN
  10. Lori Papineau Hudson, WI
  11. Mike Hoeschen Ramsey, MN
  12. Roger Guerra Andover, MN
  13. Billy Nelson Ramsey, MN
  14. Mark Jorgensen Coon Rapids, MN
  15. Jennifer Thom Minot, ND
  16. Chrystyna Ribeiro Alexander, ND
  17. Kari Peterson Elk River, MN
  18. Rena Peacock West Fargo, ND
  19. Blair Olsen Moorhead, MN
  20. Devin Lundeen South Range, WI

Positions 1-30 who advanced to the final round, in order

  1. Nina Bullinger
  2. Brandy Brydon
  3. Ian Hoffarth
  4. Ashley Halvorson
  5. Shermo Lee- Curry, tied
  6. Jennifer Thom, tied
  7. Alicia Brown
  8. Donovan Womack
  9. Danna Anderson
  10. Lori Papineau
  11. Kelly Jo Dauwen
  12. Jenna Perry
  13. Sierra Day, tied
  14. 13.Jeffrey Willis, tied
  15. 13.Billy Nelson, tied
  16. Kari Peterson
  17. Blair Olsen
  18. Mike Hoeschen
  19. Tiffany Hudson
  20. Roger Guerra
  21. Neal Clark
  22. Amanda Stommes
  23. Rena Peacock
  24. Mark Frandsen
  25. Mark Jorgensen
  26. Devin Lundeen
  27. Kaila Tingle
  28. Tara Valerius
  29. Chrystyna Ribeiro
  30. Mark Fitz Simmons